Thursday, May 31, 2012

When Did I Get a First Grader??

It seems like yesterday that I was blogging because I was so sad that Ellie started kindergarten and now she is through.  It has been a great year and she has learned so much.  Her teacher, Lynn Hathcock was wonderful!  Ellie can now read and tell time and I know so much more than I could do at this age.  
Ellie & Emma Claire celebrating Ellie's birthday

Ellie & Ms Peggy

Ellie & Anna Young at the PDS trip to the corn maze

Anna Beth, Anna Young & Ellie at the Corn Maze

Ellie's Kindergarten table

Ms Lynn

Kindergarten Pedi

Our first Kindergarten Project

2011-2012 PDS Kindergarten Class

Ellie's Kindergarten Pumpkin- designed by Ellie herself

Peace Love and PDS

PDS Hippies

Ellie, Emma Claire, Rachel & Harley Grace

Grandparents Day

End of School Program

Kindergarten Wagon

Last Day of School

Field Day 2012

Fun with Waterguns

Katelynn, Taylor, Rachel and Ellie

Ellie Scores!

We Won

The Night Before Kindergarten

All dressed and ready

Howdy Day

Ellie receiving the Star Character Award

Kindergarten Sleepover with Rachel

The Cutest Turkey 

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